Material Science

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The Virtual Cleanroom

Georgia Institute of Technology


The National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education (MatEd)

MatEd is an NSF funded center housed at Edmonds Community College. MatEd is developing a clearinghouse of teaching materials including labs, hands-on demonstrations, modules and papers, which can easily be integrated into a variety of courses, class-room settings, and industry.


UK Centre for Materials Education

The Centre for Materials Education exists to support and promote high quality education in Materials and related disciplines, by encouraging and coordinating the development and adoption of effective practices in learning, teaching and assessment. The UK Centre for Materials Education is based at the University of Liverpool.


Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science (DoITPoMS)

Teaching & Learning Packages, Lecture Demonstration Packages, Micrographs, Videos

MITOPENCOURSEWARE Courses and Education Material:

MIT Materials Science Video Library

A library of videos from MIT Materials Science department.

Materials Science and Technology Teacher’s Workshop

The MAST modules represent the cumulative efforts of approximately 100 high school teachers, 15 university professors and several graduate and undergraduate students over a three year development period funded by the National Science Foundation.


A educational website on polymer basics aiming at a K-12 audience.

Collaborative Open Resource Environment – for Materials

The CORE-Materials repository contains 1662 open educational resources (OERs) in Materials Science and Engineering, freely available under a range of Creative Commons licenses. It contains datasets, images, interactive materials and equations useful for the education of material sciences in engineering


computer based learning software for materials science, engineering and related disciplines