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Industrial Affiliates

The Industrial Affiliates Program is of mutual benefit to both CACHE and companies participating as industrial affiliates. For CACHE, it provides much-needed industrial input about the educational needs for chemical engineering graduates and also financial support for its activities. For the industrial affiliates, it gives an opportunity to participate in undergraduate educational programs and simultaneously derive some promotion benefits. Available opportunities for Industrial Affiliates are:

  • Educational
    • Providing input to undergraduate computer-related education issues (including recommended educational requirements)
    • Creating case studies and educational modules
    • Writing articles in CACHE News
  • Promotional
    • Access to the CACHE website
    • Link through CACHE website to the company website
    • Job opening ads in CACHE News/website
    • Access through CACHE News to over 140 academic institutions and 2000 faculty
    • Display at the annual CACHE reception
    • Acknowledgment as a CACHE supporter in CACHE News and at CACHE functions
  • Other
    • 25% registration discount at CACHE-sponsored premier conferences (e.g., FOCAPD, FOCAPO, FOMMS, CPC) for each attendee from a supporting company
    • Complimentary copy of all unrestricted CACHE publications (case study, report, conference proceedings, etc.)
    • Interaction with leading educators/researchers

How To Become An Industrial Affiliate

The maximum benefit of Industrial Affiliates Program is derived through mutual interaction between the CACHE organization and the Industrial Affiliate company. This is best served through one (or more) contact person(s) at the Industrial Affiliate company who will participate in the educational and promotional opportunities listed above. An Industrial Affiliate may participate at a number of levels:

  • Annual dues of $1,500. All Industrial Affiliate benefits for one year. This includes subsidiaries of global corporations.
  • Financial support of a specific CACHE event such as a conference or reception at a level of $1,500 or greater. All Industrial Affiliate benefits for one year and recognition for five years.
  • An unrestricted contribution to CACHE of $25,000 or more. All the benefits for the life of the Industrial Affiliates Program.

Current Industrial Affiliates

American Chemical Society
American Air Liquide
Aspen Technology
Bristol Myers Squibb
Dow AgroSciences
Dow Chemical
Eastman Chemical
International Paper
Molecular Diversity Preservation Int’l. (MDPI)
National Energy Technology Lab
Process Systems Enterprise
Springer India
Vitro Architectural Glass

Past Contributors

Army Reserve Office (ARO)
Materials Design
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Procter & Gamble

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