Kinetics and Reaction Engineering

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Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering The Engineering of Chemical Reactions Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design Fundamentals


  • University of Colorado Boulder: More than 300 screencast videos for kinetics and reactor design, including example problems, introduction to topics, software tutorials, and exam review problems.
  • Screencast 1 Screencast 2 Screencast 3

Interactive Simulations

  • Living example problems (University of Michigan): More than 62 interactive problems prepared using Polymath, MATLAB, and Mathematica (CDF files).
  • Interactive simulations (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 35 Mathematica-based interactive simulations that can be run with a free CDF player plug-in. Their main objective is to demonstrate concepts in kinetics and reaction engineering. Most of the simulations have accompanying screencasts that demonstrate how to use the simulation.
  • IntSim1 IntSim2 IntSim3


Multiple-choice conceptual questions for use in class with student response systems (clickers)


  • Polymath (CACHE): Solves ODEs, linear equations, and nonlinear equations. Screencasts demonstrating Polymath use.
  • CHEMKIN models and simulates gas-phase and surface chemistry
  • MESMER: Open-source program that solves chemical master equation for reaction in order to predict rate constants.

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