This CD-ROM contains educational materials for chemical engineering
students that have been supported by the National Science Foundation
and are distributed by CACHE.

    The educational materials are located in separate
directories. All software runs on all 32 bit Windows™ Operating Systems
except as indicated:

  • Material & Energy Balances
  • Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment
  • Chemical Engineering Fundamentals in Biological Systems
  • Virtual Reality CHEG Laboratory Modules (for Windows NT only)


A general-purpose numerical analysis package that is provided to
many chemical engineering departments is also included in a separate
directory. This POLYMATH software can be installed onto your computer
for educational use.

  • POLYMATH 5 – Numerical Analysis Package


All software is copyrighted as indicated in the individual
directories. This CD-ROM is copyrighted by the CACHE Corporation.



This CD-ROM was conceived and assembled by:

Dr. Michael B. Cutlip

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Connecticut


Major contributors include:

Dr. Susan Montgomery

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Michigan

Dr. John T. Bell

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. H. Scott Fogler

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Michigan


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