Separation/Mass Transfer

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Separation Process Principles: Chemical and Biochemical Operations Separation Process Engineering


  • University of Colorado Boulder (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 75 short screencast videos for separations and mass transfer including examples problems, introduction to topics, and explanations of how to use diagrams.
  • Screencast screenshot 1 Screencast screenshot 2 Screencast screenshot 3

Interactive Simulations

  • University of Colorado Boulder: More than 25 Mathematica-based interactive simulations that can be run with a free CDF player plug-in. Their main objective is to demonstrate important concepts in phase equilibrium, separations and mass transfer. Most simulations have accompanying screencasts that demonstrate their use.
  • Interactive Simulations 1 Interactive Simulations 2 Interactive Simulations 3


Multiple-choice conceptual questions for use in class with student response systems (clickers)


  • ChemSep column simulator: For distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. It combines the equilibrium stage column model with a nonequilibrium (rate-based) column model.

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