Process Systems Engineering (PSE) Conference – 2000

PSE 2000 is the seventh in the triennial series of international
symposia on process systems engineering initiated in 1982. The purpose
of the meeting was to bring together the community of researchers and
practitioners who are involved in the creation and application of
computing-based methodologies for planning, design, operation, control;
and maintenance of chemical processes. The special focus of PSE
meetings is on the integration of the enabling technologies and
application domains to address the special needs of the chemical
process industries. Particular emphasis is given to the interfaces
between application domains and the adaptation of process systems
methodologies to nontraditional problem areas.

The composition of the meeting was international by design, with
representation from the three main geographic zones of Asia and the
Pacific, Europe and Africa, and the Americas. The conference was
initiated by the Executive Committee of the Process Systems Engineering
Symposium Series which draws its representation from the Asian Pacific
Confederation of Chemical Engineering, the European Federation of
Chemical Engineering, and the Inter American Confederation of Chemical
Engineering. In keeping with the international scope of the conference
series, the previous conferences were held in Trondheim, Norway (1997),
Kyongju, Korea (1994), Montebello, Canada (1991), Sydney, Australia
(1988), Cambridge, England (1985), and Kyoto, Japan (1982). PSE 2000
constitutes the first instance in the conference series to be convened
in the USA.

The program features five keynote and 15 plenary papers, as well as 215
regular conference papers. The plenary papers were selected by the
International Program Committee from among the contributed papers on
the basis of merit and relevance. The papers are organized in the
following themes: Process Synthesis, Process Control, Planning &
Scheduling, Modeling & Simulation, Product Development, Safety,
Monitoring, & Fault Detection, Novel Systems Applications &
Extensions, Control Integration & Applications, Process Operation
& Optimization, Simulation & Design Applications, Education in
Process systems Engineering, Operations & Optimization

The PSE conference series is conducted under the auspices of the
Executive Committee for PSE, chaired by Professor I. Hashimoto, Kyoto
University.  The Committee members are:

J. Perkins, Imperial College, United Kingdom
G. V. Rek1aitis, Purdue University, USA
S. Skogestad, Norwegian University of Science & Technology,
K. S. Chang, Pohang University of Science & Technology, Korea
G. Sullivan, University of Waterloo, Canada

Selected Table of Contents

Manufacturing and the internet-we haven’t seen anything

Russel McMeekin

Planning, scheduling and control systems: why can they not work

Donald E. Shobrys, Douglas C. White

Comparison of statistical process monitoring methods:
application to the Eastman challenge problem

Manabu Kano, Koji Nagao, Shinji Hasebe, Iori Hashimoto, Hiromu
Ohno, Ramon Strauss, Bhavik Bakshi

On-line optimization via off-line parametric optimization

Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Vivek Dua, Nikolaos A. Bozinis,
Alberto Bemporad, Manfred Morari

Incorporation of dynamic behaviour in an automated process
synthesis system

E.S. Fraga, J. Hagemann, A. Estrada-Villagrana, I.D.L.

The two-level strategy for MINLP synthesis of process
flowsheets under uncertainty

Zorka Novak Pintari, Zdravko Kravanja

Challenges for process systems engineering in infrastructure

Paulien M. Herder, Adam L. Turk, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Arthur W.

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