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CACHE 50th

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Future of Cyber Assisted Chemical Engineering Education 
Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO
July 19 - 20, 2019

On July 14, 1969 the proposal founding the Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering Committee was submitted to the NSF and the first official meeting of the CACHE organization was held on November 18, 1969 in Washington DC. From its inception, CACHE has promoted the development and distribution of technology-based materials and software in chemical engineering education through projects applying computational chemical engineering, sponsoring conferences, recognizing outstanding contributions, and providing leadership in chemical engineering education.

While this anniversary provides an opportunity to review and celebrate the accomplishments of CACHE over this 50-year period, the primary goal of this Conference is to bring together leaders in the chemical engineering discipline to explore and discuss future directions: hence the theme "Future of Cyber-Assisted Chemical Engineering Education". The program will include presentations by CACHE leaders, current and past, highlighting the accomplishments and reviewing current thrusts of CACHE in educational products and conferences. It will feature five plenary speakers offering their views of important directions in cyber-assisted education. It will involve sessions of invited oral and poster presentation by outstanding young faculty who are innovating in the development of educational media, exploring novel ways of organizing student-instructor interactions to enhance learning and experimenting with alternative knowledge delivery modes. These innovations promise to have impact across the chemical engineering curriculum at all degree levels.


  • Rex Reklaitis, Purdue University
  • Wayne Bequette, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Conference Planning Committee

  • Peter Cummings, Vanderbilt University
  • Frank Doyle, Harvard University
  • Tom Edgar, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Mike Henson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Sang Kim, Purdue University
  • Rex Reklaitis, Purdue University
  • Warren Seider, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jeff Siirola, Eastman Chemical

Conference Program

Friday, July 19

2:00 pm: Conference Welcome: Wayne Bequette

2:15 pm: Review of CACHE Accomplishments

  • Brice Carnahan (University of Michigan, Emeritus)
  • Warren Seider (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Larry Evans (MIT, Emeritus)
  • Tom Edgar (University of Texas, Austin)

3:45 pm: Break

4:00 pm: Current CACHE Initiatives

  • Systems Biology - Frank Doyle (Harvard University)
  • Molecular Modeling: Peter Cummings (Vanderbilt University)
  • Process Systems: Richard Braatz (MIT)

5:30 pm: Reception and Poster Session (presentations/demonstrations by young faculty)

6:30 pm: Casual Dinner

Saturday, July 20

8:30 am: Future Directions in Cyber-Enabled ChE Education

  • Eva Sorensen (University College London)
  • Tom Adams II (McMaster University)
  • Richard Turton (University of West Virginia)

10:00 am: Break

10:30 am: Future Directions in Cyber-Enabled ChE Education

  • Linda Broadbelt (Northwestern University)
  • David Beck (University of Washington)

11:30 am: Panel Discussion

12:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm: Innovation Forum (9-minute presentations by invited Young Faculty)

  • Jason Bara
  • Bryan Boudouris
  • Alexander Dowling
  • Ashlee Ford Versypt
  • Rachel Getman
  • Andrew Paluch
  • Jonathan Verrett
  • Roman Voronov
  • Bin Wang

3:00 pm: Break

3:30 pm: Innovation Forum (9-minute presentations by invited Young Faculty)

  • Selen Cremaschi
  • Helen Durand
  • Federico Galvanin
  • Johannes Hachmann
  • Joseph Kwon
  • Robert Pantazes
  • Zachary Ulissi
  • Kirti Yenkie
  • Fani Boukouvala
  • Victor Zavala

5:00 pm: Survey: Computing in Chemical Engineering
Martha Grover (Georgia Tech) & Robert Hesketh (Rowan University)

5:15 pm: Adjourn

6:30 pm: Reception and Poster Session (presentations/demonstrations by young faculty)

7:30 pm: Conference Banquet
Speaker: Dr. John L. Anderson, President - National Academy of Engineering

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