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Development of Computational-Based Tools and Modules for Chemical Engineering Education

In 2019, CACHE iniated a new pilot program that seeks to fund 12-month long projects (maximum budget of $5000 per project) that focus on the development of novel computational-based educational modules or tools.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

CACHE operates an NSF-funded project for Sustainable Manufacturing Advances in Research and Technology (SMART) Coordination Network (Yinlun Huang, Wayne State University, is PI). The purpose of the network is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge discovery and industrial technology innovation for sustainable manufacturing. This research team is creating an interdisciplinary, international research coordination network to promote Sustainable Manufacturing Advances with an emphasis on Process Systems Engineering. SMART is a joint effort among leading academic laboratories, centers, non-governmental organizations, and major manufacturing industries. During this project, the team is conducting a comprehensive and in-depth review of research and technological development for sustainable manufacturing; holding workshops to define a roadmap toward manufacturing sustainability and identify bottlenecks in research areas, and developing educational modules on sustainable manufacturing. For more information, please visit sustainable manufacturing website at

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the dramatically intensified and pervasive application of networked information-based technologies throughout the manufacturing and supply chain enterprise. It is both responsive and leads to a dramatic and fundamental business transformation to demand-dynamic economics keyed off of customers, partners and the public; enterprise sustainability, energy, health, safety and economic performance; and demand-driven supply chain services. Sensor-measurement driven modeling and simulation provide the capture, generation, access, application, and innovation vehicles for building actionable and progressively sophisticated manufacturing intelligence the underpins the transformation. IT-enabled Smart factories and supply networks can better respond to national interests and U.S. strategic imperatives and can revitalize America’s industrial sector by facilitating global competitiveness and exports, providing sustainable jobs, radically improving performance and facilitating manufacturing innovation. The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) is a coalition of 25 companies, seven universities, eight consortia, and one government lab encompassing the chemicals, refining, auto, food, pharmaceutical, software, and automation industry sectors. It is organized around an implementation agenda for Smart and Collaborative Manufacturing. See the smart manufacturing website


Etomica ( is a Java API and development environment for construction and implementation of molecular simulations. The API is a set of classes that can be employed to construct a molecular simulation in Java. Simulations may be constructed with them by programming in Java with a text editor, or by using the Etomica development environment. The development environment provides a graphical user interface for constructing, running, and saving simulations based on the API. The Etomica environment also provides for dynamic modification and interrogation of the simulation, while it is in progress. Development of Etomica is performed with support from the ITR grant from the National Science Foundation and also a previous grant from the CACHE corporation. The principal investigator of Etomica is David Kofke.


cachet has been established to aid chemical engineering faculty candidates to find and fill positions in departments with faculty openings. The site provides two basic capabilities: 1) posting of faculty openings by chemical engineering departments and 2) posting of biographical information by candidates searching for faculty positions.

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