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Diversity and Inclusion

In all CACHE activities we will seek to significantly increase inclusion of under-represented groups in science and engineering (including, but not limited to, women, persons with disabilities, and certain racial and ethnic minorities including Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic-American, and Native American/Alaska Native) through:  

  • Diverse trustee nominations (at least 50% of non-incumbent candidates will be from under-represented groups)
  • Diverse non-trustee members of CACHE "task forces"
  • Diverse conference chairs, planning committee members, and speakers (goal: 50% of speakers from under-represented groups. If the tentative list is less than 33%, then conference organizers should share the list(s) with the CACHE Executive Committee for review and suggestions before being publicized)
  • Diverse principal investigators for initiatives that CACHE funds
  • Free or discounted CACHE membership and access to other CACHE products provided to chemical engineering departments at minority-serving institutions
  • A committee for diversity including two Executive Committee members and two Trustees (one academic, one industrial) that will lead CACHE’s diversity initiative and track its progress

Photo Collage of CACHE's Diversity


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