Fall 2001

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News from Chemical Engineering Departments



Chemical Engineering Faculty Openings on the Web

Tom Edgar, Executive Officer, CACHE Corporation

Chemical Microengineering III – Multiphase Catalysis

Peter R. Rony, Virginia Tech

Educating Undergraduate Chemical Engineers in Process

Control Using a Real-time Approach

Brent Young, Donald Mahoney and William Svreck – University of Calgary and Hyprotech, Ltd., Calgary

On Testing C++ DLLs

Edward M. Rosen, EMR Technology Group

Determination of Heterogamous and Homogenous Reaction Rate Constants Using Non-linear Optimization

Jack R. Hopper, Jamal M. Saleh and Vijay Apte, Lamar University

Ralph Pike, Louisiana State University

Computer Programming in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum: Some Empirical Observations

Tom Edgar, University of Texas at Austin

GAMS Newsletter Number 5

Bruce McCarl



ASEE – 13th Summer School for Chemical Engineering Faculty

July 27 – August 1, 2002 – University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado


January 12 – 16, 2003 – Coral Springs, Florida

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