Spring 2001


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CACHE is a disease

David M. Himmelblau, University of Texas at Austin

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Jim Rawling, University of Wisconsin at Madison



Chemical Microengineering.  II.  Partition Chromatography

Peter R. Rony, Virginia Tech

Adding Training Features to an Information Website

P.R. Roberge, Royal Military College of Canada

Use of C++DLLs in Visual Basic for Applications with Excel 2000

Edward M. Rosen, EMR Technology Group

Implementation of an Autotune Variation (ATV) Control Algorithm to

Expand an Undergraduate Process Control Laboratory

Brian Seamans and Peter R. Rony, Virginia Tech

Use of Computers in Undergraduate Process Dynamics, Modeling and Process Control

Dilhan M. Kalyon, Stevens Institute of Technology

GAMS Newsletter Number 4

Bruce McCarl

Molecular Simulations “On  the Fly”

Tuhin Ghosh, Pawel Keblinski and Shekhar Garde, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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