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Winter 2010 Newsletter


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Brice Carnahan Receives ASEE-CACHE Award
CACHE Session at AIChE Meeting in Nashville, TN

40 Years of CACHE with a View to the Future
Francis Doyle, President of CACHE

A Half-Century of Computing In Engineering Curricula...from there, to here, to where?
Brice Carnahan

Graphics Processors for Computational Science and Engineering
Sharon C. Glotzer, Eric Jankowski, and Joshua Anderson

Student Training Workshop at the Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering (FOSBE) Conference
Michael A. Henson and Babatunde A. Ogunnaike

Update from the CACHE Fuel Cell Task Force
Jason M. Keith, Michael D. Gross, H. Scott Fogler, and Donald J. Chmielewski

Molecular Modeling Task Force Update
David A. Kofke

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Engineering Education
Charles A. Petty and Richard D. LaRoche

Access and Utilization of DIPPR Physical Property Database in ChE Education
Michael B. Cutlip and Mordechai Shacham

CACHE 40th Anniversary Symposium in Boulder, CO

Several Things that CU is Doing to Make Engineering Education Attractive
Robert Davis

The Evolution of Computing in Chemical Engineering: Some Perspectives and Future Direction (slides)
Larry Evans

The Evolution of Computing in Chemical Engineering: Perspectives and Future Directions (paper)
Larry Evans

Introducing Undergraduates to Advanced Computational Software using Practical Problems
Robert Hesketh

40-Year CACHE Evolution - Emphasis on Last 15 Years
Warren Seider

The Future of ChE and CACHE: Our Role in Computational Science and Engineering
Phil Westmoreland

Bring Fuel Cells into Your Course with Modules
Jason Keith - Michigan Technological University; Mike Gross - Bucknell University; Don Chmielewski - Illinois Institute of Technology; and H. Scott Fogler - University of Michigan

An Introductory Global CO2 Model
W. E. Schiesser - Lehigh University

Educational Modules for Teaching Protein Structure Prediction and Design
Sidhartha Chaudhury, Sergey Lyskov and Jeffrey Gray - Johns Hopkins University

Process Design Education Centennial Session (Video Lectures)
David Silverstein - University of Tennessee


New Trustees

Wayne Bequette - Rensselaer University
Mahmoud El-Halwagi - Texas A&M University
Ed Maginn - Notre Dame University

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