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Summer 2022 Newsletter


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CACHE-Sponsored Conferences

FOMMS 2022
Jeff Errington, State U. of New York at Buffalo

Victor Zavala Tejeda, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

FOPAM 2023
Phil Westmoreland, North Caroline State University


Selected ASEE Summer School Presentations

ChESS 2022 Workshops on Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering Education

Numerical Problem Solving across the Curriculum with Python and MATLAB Using Interactive Coding Templates
Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Matthew Stuber, and Robert Hesketh, SUNY Buffalo, UCONN, and Rowan University

Resources to Facilitate Active Learning
John Falconer, University of Colorado – Boulder

Applied Statistics and Data Analytics
Richard Braatz and Victor M. Zavala, MIT and University of Wisconsin – Madison

Teaching Simulation with Arduino TCLab
John Hedengren, BYU

Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours - A Modular Approach by Teaching Process Simulation
Thomas Adams and Mario Eden, McMaster University and Auburn University

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