CACHE PC Lessons

These PC computer-based lessons are intended to expose students to
open-ended problems and typical process alternatives. The lessons run
on the IBM PC and may be installed on a shared network. Copies of the
diskettes may be made freely for distribution to students and

Available Lessons

Slurry Flow in Channels
by B. Freeman, W. Provine, G. Dow, and M. M. Denn
Courses: Fluid Mechanics

Supercritical Fluid
by J. Kellow, M. L. Cygnarowicz, and W. D. Seider
Courses: Separations Extraction and Thermodynamics

Gas Absorption with Chemical Reaction
by K. Nordstrom and J. H. Seinfeld
Courses: Separations

Design of Flash Vessels and Distillation

by B. A. Finlayson, E. W. Kaler, and W. J. Heideger
Courses: Separations and Thermodynamics

Heterogeneous Reaction Kinetics
by J. E. Bauer, and H. S. Fogler
Courses: Reactor Analysis

CSTR Dynamics and Stability
by L. E. Vajdi and D. T. Allen
Courses: Reactor Analysis


CACHE supporting departments: First copy free
Non-supporting departments: $25/each