Material and Energy Balances

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Material and Energy Balances Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering Introduction to Chemical Processes: Principles, Analysis, Synthesis

The textbook by Liberatore
is an interactive online
textbook with animations and
interactive question sets.


  • LearnChemE (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 170 screencast videos for material and energy balances, including example problems, introduction to topics, software tutorials, and exam review problems. YouTube playlist
  • Elementary mass balances
  • Screencast screenshot 1 Screencast screenshot 2

Interactive Simulations

Interactive Self-Study Modules

  • Self-Study Modules (University of Colorado Boulder): 10 self-study modules that include screencasts (with questions), ConcepTests, introductory screencasts, interactive simulations, list of equations and important points, example problem screencasts, and a summary.


Multiple-choice conceptual questions for use in class with student response systems (clickers)


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