Process and Product Design

This page is managed by Dr. Wayne Bequette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Warren D. Seider (University of Pennsylvania)


  • Process/Product Design Textbooks
  • Product and Process Design Principles Chemical Engineering Design Chemical Product Design Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook


  • LearnChemE (University of Colorado at Boulder): Approximately 70 screencast videos on flowcharts, process equipment, economics, and simulation software
  • Product/Process Design Screencast Screenshot 1 Product/Process Design Screencast Screenshot 2 Product/Process Design Screencast Screenshot 3

Useful Links

  • CACHE Guide to Teaching Design (with Internet Links) – This guide is edited by Warren D. Seider (University of Pennsylvania) and contains sections on:
    • Process flowsheet synthesis
    • Process simulation
    • Process integration
    • Equipment design
    • Energy links for process design
    • Process and product safety
    • Optimization: process synthesis and flowsheet optimization
    • Process modeling
    • Process operability
    • Planning, scheduling, and supply-chain optimization
    • Design case studies and design problem statements
  • Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering