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Animated Videos

  • U.S. Chemical Safety Board: More than 70 videos that contain animations of chemical plant accidents. Here are links to three examples:

    Plant accident 1 Plant accident 2 Plant accident 3


Virtual Experiences and Games

  • Contents Under Pressure (CUP) is a virtual game which addresses the topic of human decision making, which has been found to be the root cause of many process safety incidents. CUP provides a digital virtual environment designed to more realistically situate students in an authentic scenario in which they must balance multiple constraints, including process safety decisions. This more authentic environment is critical toward practicing process safety decision making skills, as in-class discussions, tests, etc. do not capture factors such as time or money constraints, or coworkers’ influences that may alter decisions in the real world and reveal a different level of moral development and understanding.

Assessment Tools

  • The Engineering Process Safety Research Instrument (EPSRI) is a survey tool designed to measure students’ moral reasoning in the context of
    process safety decision making using process safety scenarios drawn from personal experience and reports from the Chemical Safety Board. Each scenario is followed by a decision prompt and 12–15 considerations. The EPSRI has been deemed valid and reliable in measuring senior chemical engineering students’ moral reasoning within process safety contexts. 
    • Link to EPSRI
    • Information on scoring of the EPSRI is given in the following paper: B. L. Butler, C. Bodnar, M. Cooper, D. D. Burkey, and D. D. Anastasio, “Towards understanding the moral reasoning process of senior chemical engineering students in process safety contexts,” Educ. Chem. Eng., vol. 28, pp. 1–12, 2019, doi: 10.1016/j.ece.2019.03.004.

Modules and Tutorials

  • Course-specific modules, tutorials, and safety resources (University of Michigan): Course safety modules for material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, separations, reaction engineering, and process control. Safety tutorials and other resources.


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