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Send feedback about this page to Dr. John L. Falconer (University of Colorado Boulder) or Dr. Jonathan Verrett (The University of British Columbia). This screencast describes the thermodynamic resources.

Syllabi, schedules, course notes

  • University of California Berkeley: syllabus
  • University of Colorado Boulder: Syllabus, schedule, and an all-inclusive digital Microsoft OneNote notebook that uses active learning and a flipped classroom. It contains class notes, ConcepTests, pre-class assignments, recommended screencasts and simulations, homework problems (and solutions), and sample exams (with solutions). Contact to obtain access.


textbook2 textbook3 textbook4


  • LearnChemeE (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 400 short screencast videos for thermodynamics, including examples problems, introduction to topics, software tutorials, exam review problems, and explanations of how to use diagrams.
  • Michigan State University: Screencasts organized by the Elliott and Lira textbook

    Screencast 1 Screencast 2 Screencast 3

Interactive Simulations

  • Interactive simulations (thermo 1, thermo 2) (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 100 interactive simulations, 37 of which play directly in browsers; the rest can be run with a free CDF player plug-in.
  • Quiz simulations (University of Colorado Boulder): 17 simulations that use a step-by-step procedure in which feedback is provided after the user inputs their solution.
  • Zero energy cooling chamber (Lehigh University); Python-based simulation for evaporative cooling

Interactive Self-Study Modules

  • Self-study modules (University of Colorado Boulder): 45 modules that include introductory screencasts (with questions), ConcepTests, interactive simulations, quiz simulations, list of equations and important points, example problem screencasts, and a summary.

Thermodynamics ConcepTests

Multiple-choice conceptual questions for use in class with student response systems (clickers)


  • Thermodynamics spreadsheets (Michigan State University): Uses Excel and Peng-Robinson equation of state for single components and mixtures.
  • Online homework problems (Michigan State University): 80 randomized problems.
  • Polymathplus Solves ODEs, linear equations, and nonlinear equations. Screencasts demonstrating Polymath use can be found here.
  • Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD (University of Alabama): A phone app that contains thermophysical property data, steam tables, a period table, units converters, and equation of state solvers. Available for $0.99 US.
  • Steam tables: spreadsheets with built-in interpolation and screencasts that explain how to use steam tables

Useful thermodynamics links

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