This page is managed by Dr. John L. Falconer (University of Colorado Boulder).

Syllabi, schedules, course notes

  • University of Nevada, Reno: Detailed syllabus
  • University of Colorado Boulder: Syllabus, schedule, and an all-inclusive digital Microsoft OneNote notebook that uses active learning and a flipped classroom. It contains class notes, ConcepTests, pre-class assignments, recommended screencasts and simulations, homework problems (and solutions), and sample exams (with solutions). Contact to obtain access.


textbook1 textbook2 textbook3 textbook4 textbook5


  • University of Colorado Boulder: More than 400 short screencast videos for thermodynamics, including examples problems, introduction to topics, software tutorials, exam review problems, and explanations of how to use diagrams.
  • Michigan State University: Screencasts organized by the Elliott and Lira textbook
  • Screencast 1 Screencast 2 Screencast 3

Interactive Simulations

Interactive Self-Study Modules

  • Self-study modules (University of Colorado Boulder): More than 30 modules that include screencasts (with questions), ConcepTests, introductory screencasts, interactive simulations, quiz simulations, list of equations and important points, example problem screencasts, and a summary.

Thermodynamics ConcepTests

Multiple-choice conceptual questions for use in class with student response systems (clickers)


Useful thermodynamics links

Modules applying thermodynamics to fuel cells