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Winter 2012 Newsletter


  • The CACHE Corporation
  • CACHE Trustees
  • CACHE Task Forces and Committees
  • Industrial Supporters of CACHE
  • Chemical Engineering Departments Supporting CACHE



  • AIChE/CACHE APP Competition for AIChE Student Chapters
  • Process Control Modules / Himmelblau Award Presentation
    Frank Doyle, Robert Parker, and Edward Gatzke
  • NSF Funds Research Coordination Network in Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Trustees David Allen and Warren Seider Receive Major AIChE Awards
  • Trustee Phil Westmoreland Elected Vice-President of AIChE
  • Overview of CACHE Activities
    David Kofke
  • CMU-IBM Cyberinfrastructure Collaborative
    Ignacio Grossmann, Jon Lee, Pietro Belotti, Larry Biegler, Pedro Castro, Francois Margot, Juan Ruiz, Nick Sahinidis, and Andreas Waechter
  • Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition Holds Workshop at 2011 AIChE Meeting
  • The Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) Held in Brazil, July 2011
    Ramiro Palma
  • A Half-century of Computing in Engineering Curricula (ASEE Award Lecture, 2010)
    Brice Carnahan


Selected Papers from AIChE Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, October 17, 2011

  • AIChE/CACHE Modules on Energy in the Curriculum
    CACHE Energy Task Force (Jason Keith, Darlene Schuster, Jeff Seay, David Silverstein, and John O'Connell)
  • Development and Assessment of Energy Modules in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
    Jason Keith, Daniel Lopez Gaxiola, Dan Crowl, Dave Caspary, Abjhijit Mukherjee, Dennis Meng, Jeff Naber, Jeff Allen, John Lukowski, Barry Solomon, Jay Meldrum, and Tom Edgar
  • Students Learn Fundamentals of Process Operations and Control Using Dynamic Simulator of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant with CO2 Capture
    Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Richard Turton, and Stephen Zitney
  • Molecular Simulation Modules for Instruction in Thermodynamics, Transport, Kinetics, and Materials
    David Kofke and Andrew Schultz
  • Teaching Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations: Lessons Learned From the Thermodynamics, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Edward Maginn, Frederico Tavares, Charles Abreu, Jindal Shah, and Craig Tenney
  • Integrating Computational Transport Phenomena into the Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum
    Charles Petty, Satish Muthu, and Andre Benard
  • Teaching Design Using the CACHE Learning Resource Center
    Warren Seider
  • Peer Evaluation in Chemical Engineering Design Using Wikis
    Caryn Heldt
  • Expertise in Chemical Process Modeling. The Importance of Problem Formulation and Pattern Recognition
    Paul Mathias
  • Group Contribution Methods in Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    Rebecca K. Toghiani
  • Browser-Based Simulations for the Illustration of Chemical Engineering Concepts
    Anthony Butterfield



  • FOCAPO/CPC – January 7-12, 2012, Savannah, GA
  • FOMMS – July 2012, Welches, Oregon (near base of Mt. Hood)

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