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Winter 2014 Newsletter


The CACHE Corporation

CACHE Task Forces and Committees



All About CACHE: A Presentation
Joe Golab, CACHE President

AIChE/CACHE Mobile Device APP Competition
Robert Hesketh

Mario Eden

FOSBE 2015
Robert Parker

CACHE Vice President Marianthi Ierapetritou Receives PSE Model-Based Innovation Prize

New CACHE Trustees Elected

Sustainable Manufacturing Roadmap Workshop Held
Yinlun Huang

An iPhone / iPad Energy App for Heat Transfer
Jason Keith

PolyMath Software Report
Michael Cutlip

New ANSYS CFD Curriculum Materials Released
Murali Kadiramangalam


Selected Presentations from the San Francisco AIChE Annual Meeting

Capstone Design Course Survey Overview
David Silverstein, Margot Vigeant, Lisa Bullard, and Warren Seider

Computing and Games in the ChemE Curriculum: A Development Workshop
Marcel Liauw and Margot Vigeant

Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD) as a New Take on a Kinetics Lab
Daniel D. Burkey, Daniel Anastasio, and Aravind Suresh

Chemical Engineering App: Increasing Accessibility of Course Materials, Reference Data, and Problem Solving Tools
Jason E. Bara and J.P. McLemore

A Heat Conduction iPhone and iPad App for Engineering Education
Jason Keith, Gerald Nelson, Abby Thompson, Read Sprabery, and John Gazzini

Not Your Average Flipped Classroom: An Online, Multi-Media “Textbook” for Introduction to Chemical Engineering
Lisa Y. Hwang, Briana Dunn, and Chaitan Kholsa

The Role of Smartphones and Tablets in Numerical Problem Solving
Michael Elly, Mordechai Shacham, and Michael B. Cutlip

AIChE Concept Warehouse
Milo Koretsky, JohnFalconer, David Silverstein, Ron Miller, and Marina Miletic



Gary Blau, Former CACHE Trustee, Passes Away

CACHE Executive Director Tom Edgar Elected to National Academy of Engineering

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