Winter 2016 Newsletter


Mobile Device Contest
Robert Hesketh

ABET Assessment Tool Development
David Kofke

Academic-Industry Alignment
Phil Westmoreland

PolyMath 2016 Release
Mickael Cutlip

FOSBE 2015 Report
Robert Parker

FOSBE 2016 Announcement

FOCAPO/CPC 2017 Conference Announcement

Nobel Prize in Control
Richard Braatz

A Review: Utilizing VBA to Solve Burgers’ Equation by The Method of Lines
Ed Rosen, EMR Technology Group

NSF Sustainable Manufacturing Workshop
Yinlun Huang

Design Task Force Update
Mario Eden and Warren Seider

Smart Manufacturing News
Tom Edgar

New CACHE Trustees Elected

Richard Braatz Elected AACC Vice President

AIChE Annual Meeting Papers of Interest: Undergraduate Process Control

CACHE Update
Marianthi Ierapetritou