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Winter 2017 Newsletter


Aspen Modules Progress and Demo
Tom Adams

ABET Software
Jeff Errington

Sustainable Manufacturing Educational Modules
Debalina Sengupta

Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute Launched Mobile Apps for Chemical Engineers Developed by Chemical Engineers
Jason Bara

Process Simulation Essentials
David Hill, CHEMCAD

FOCAPO/CPC 2017 Highlights
Christos Maravelias

FOSBE 2018
Juergen Hahn

FOMMS 2018
Jeff Errington

PSE 2018
Marianthi Ierapetritou

Trustee John Falconer Featured in CEP Magazine

Maria Burka Elected as New CACHE Trustee

AIChE Session Honoring John Falconer (Chair: J. Will Medlin, CU)

AIChE Annual Meeting Papers of Interest: Technology, New Media, and Gamification for Today’s Students (Chairs: Daniel Lepek and S. Patrick Walton)

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