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Winter 2020 Newsletter


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Introducing New CACHE Trustees


CACHE-Sponsored Conferences

Integrating Data Science Advances into Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Curriculums
Juergen Hahn


Selected AIChE Annual Meeting Presentations

Introducing Chemical Engineers to Coding, Data, and Visualization through MATLAB
Jason Bara – U. of Alabama

Training All Chemical Engineers in Computing and Data Science
Alexander Dowling – U. of Notre Dame

Data Science at the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering
Curtis Martin – Purdue U.

Smart Computing in Undergraduate Courses – Improved Understanding of Fundamentals
Satish Parulekar – Illinois Institute of Technology

Teaching ASPEN Plus via Student Developed Video Modules
Daniel Burkey and Jennifer Pascal – U. of Connecticut

Aspen Plus® Videos for Chemical Engineering Undergraduates
Michael Shao and Mark Shiflett – U. of Kansas

Data Science for Chemical Engineering Education
S. Joe Qin – U. of Southern California

Measuring Spreadsheet Skills Using Analytics within an Interactive Textbook
Matthew Liberatore and Kayla Chapman – U. of Toledo

Teaching Chemical Engineering Fundamentals with COMSOL Multiphysics®
William Clark – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Building Computational Skills for Mathematical Modeling in Science and Engineering through an Interdisciplinary Elective Course
Ashlee Ford Versypt – Oklahoma State U.

Steal This Course! Scientific Computing for ChEs in Python
Benjamin Davis – Cooper Union

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