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Winter 2022 Newsletter


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What Is CACHE?



New CACHE Trustee – Thomas Adams II

New CACHE Trustee – Manuela Ayee

Guides for "Teaching Data Science to Students and Teachers"
Martha Grover, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Philip Westmoreland, North Carolina State U.

CACHE-Related Award Recipients – Thomas Adams II and John Falconer
Juergen Hahn, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Diversity and Inclusion at CACHE
Kristen Fichthorn, Pennsylvania State U., and Leo Chiang, Dow Chemical Company


CACHE-Sponsored Conferences

FOSBE 2022
Ioannis (Yannis) P. Androulakis, Rutgers U.

FOMMS 2022
Jeff Errington, State U. of New York at Buffalo

Victor Zavala Tejeda, U. of Wisconsin-Madison


Selected AIChE Annual Meeting Presentations

Development of Static and Dynamic Simulation-Based Active-Learning Modules for Chemical Engineering Curriculum
Brent Bishop, Hunter Barber, Fernando Lima, and Richard Turton, West Virginia U.

Taking ChemE‐SportsTM, from on‐site to a Live Virtual Competition
Robert Bozic, Columbia U., Donald Glaser, and Matthew Garvey, Simulation Solutions, Inc.

Interactive Software for Teaching Multivariable Data Analytics
Joachim Schaeffer, and Richard Braatz, MIT

Maybe the Real Treasure is the Friends We Made Along the Way (Or – My Decade in Ed Div)
Daniel Burkey, U. of Connecticut.

Products from Pandemic Labs - Custom At-Home & Benchtop Unit Ops Teaching Modules
Anthony Butterfield, Thang Tran, Ignacio Preciado, Geoffrey Silcox, Eric Eddings, and Andrew Simonson, U. of Utah

Engaging an Entrepreneurial Mindset Though Open Ended Projects in the Sophomore Year
Kristine Horvat, U. of New Haven

Introducing Students to Open-Source Research Codes
Pavan Inguva, Vijeh Bhute, Pierre Walker, and Thomas Cheng, MIT and Imperial College London

Problem Solving When Textbook Problems Are Replaced with Student-Written YouTube Problems
Uchenna Asogwa, Ryan Duckett, Lindsey Stevens, Amanda Malefyt, Gale Mentzer, and Matthew Liberatore, U. of Toledo

MATLAB Based Applications As Accessible and Interactive Educational Modules to Advance Spectroscopic Understanding
Jakub Konkol, Justin Marlowe, and George Tsilomelekis, Rutgers U.

Even More Stealable – Video Experiments and Remote Projects for Thermodynamics
Margot Vigeant, Bucknell U.



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