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Computers in Chemical Engineering Education

Brice Carnahan, Ed. (1996)

20 papers by prominent chemical engineering faculty covering a wide range of subjects, from the impact of computing in individual undergraduate chemical engineering courses, to more general topics such as accreditation, multi-media instruction, numerical software, laboratory automation, and the Internet and World Wide Web. The papers are written from the perspective of past computing developments, present activities, and future directions in chemical engineering education.

File No. 1
Title and Copyright
Preface - Brice Carnahan
Chapter 1
Role and Impact of Computers in Engineering Education
Richard S. H. Mah and David M. Himmelblau
File No. 2
Chapter 2
Computing Skills in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
Jeffrey C. Kantor and Thomas Edgar
Chapter 3
History of CACHE and its Evolution
J. D. Seader and Warren D. Seider
File No. 3
Chapter 4
Interactive Computer-Aided Instruction
Susan Montgomery and H. Scott Fogler
Chapter 5
General-Purpose Software for Equation Solving and Modeling of Data
Mordechai Shacham, Michael B. Cutlip and N. Brauner
Chapter 6
Thermodynamics and Property Data Bases
Aage Fredenslund, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis and Rafique Gani
File No. 4
Chapter 7
CACHE's Role in Computing in Chemical Reaction Engineering
H. Scott Fogler
Chapter 8
Transport Phenomena
Bruce A. Finlayson and Andrew N. Hrymak
Chapter 9
Separations Processes
Ross Taylor
File No. 5
Chapter 10
Conceptual Design and Process Synthesis
James M. Douglas and Jeffrey J. Siirola
Chapter 11
Process Simulation
Lorenz T. Biegler, J. D. Seader and Warren D. Seider
Chapter 12
Ignacio E. Grossman
Chapter 13
Design Case Studies
Ignacio Grossmann and Manfred Morari
Chapter 14
Process Control
Yaman Arkun and Carlos E. Garcia
File No. 6
Chapter 15
Laboratory Automation and Real-Time Computing
Duncan A. Mellichamp and Babu Joseph
Chapter 16
CACHE and the Use of Computer Networks for Education
Peter R. Rony
Chapter 17
Intelligent Systems in Process Operations, Design and Safety
Steven R. McVey, James F. Davis and Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Chapter 18
Languages and Programming Paradigms
George Stephanopoulos and Chonghun Han
File No. 7
Chapter 19
Andrew N. Hrymak and Patricia Monger
Chapter 20
Brice Carnahan
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Subject Index

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