Fall 2003

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Computing Through the Curriculum: An Integrated Approach for Chemical Engineering

Tom Edgar – University of Texas at Austin

A FEMLAB Study: The Effect of Heat Transfer on Flow Field at Low

Reynolds Numbers in Vertical Tubes

Edward M. Rosen – EMR Technology Group

A Virtual Unit Operations Laboratory

Patrick J. Fleming, Michael E. Paulaitis – Johns Hopkins University

(reprinted with permission from Chemical Engineering Education)

A Web-Based Case Study for Chemical Engineering Capstone Course

Lisa Bullard, Steven Peretti, Patty Niehues and Shannon White – North Carolina State University

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

ChE’s Teaching Introductory Computing to ChE Students – A Modern Computing Course with Emphasis on Problem Solving and Programming

David E. Clough – University of Colorado

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

Development of an Open Source Chemical Process Simulator

Raul Cota, Bill Svreck and Brent Young – University of Calgary;

Marco Satyro – Virtual Materials Group; Craig Morris – RedTree Development

Getting Students to Account for Variation in their Analysis of Real ChE Processes

Milo D. Koretsky – Oregon State University

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

Integration of Statistics throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum:

Use of the Senior Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory as an End-of-Program Statistics Assessment Course

Michael E. Prudich, Darin Ridgway, Valerie L. Young – Ohio University

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

The Use of Active Learning in Design of Engineering Experiments

Gerardine G. Botte – Ohio University

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

VBA – An Exercise for Practicing Programming in the ChE Curriculum

Edward M. Rosen – EMR Technology Group

Web-Based Instructional Tools for Heat and Mass Transfer

Haishan Zheng and Jason M. Keith – Michigan Technological University

(reprinted with permission from ASEE)

GAMS Newsletters 12 and 13

Bruce McCarl



July 11 – 16, 2004 – The Friend Center, Princeton University, New Jersey

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