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Spring 2004 Newsletter


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News from Chemical Engineering Departments

Mobile Computing Through the Curriculum in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin
Tom Edgar – University of Texas at Austin



A FEMLAB Study: The Leveque Solution with a Finite Wall Resistance
Edward M. Rosen – EMR Technology Group

ColdSim – A Simulator for Teaching Process Control
A.F. Gilbert & W.A. Gilbert - Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada

Is a Symbolic Math Program for You?
Lee R. Partin - Voridian (A Division of Eastman Chemical Company)
Copyright Eastman Chemical Company 2004

Topics in Excel’s VBA 2003: Functions and Add-Ins
Edward M. Rosen - EMR Technology Group

GAMS Newsletters 14 and 15
Bruce McCarl


New Technologies for Experiments over the Internet (from AIChE 2003 Annual Meeting, San Francisco)

Chemical Engineering Experimentation over the Internet
Jim Henry - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Eric Nuttall, University of New Mexico

Process Dynamics and Control Laboratory Experiments Carried Out Over the Internet
Lina Rueda and Thomas F. Edgar - University of Texas at Austin

Internet-based Unit Operation Laboratories in Membrane Separation Processes
Jim Dolgoff, Bei Xu, G, Glenn Lipscomb, Kevin Pugh and Svetlana Beltyukova – University of Toledo, and Neville Pinto, University of Cincinnati

Web-Operable Remote Experimentation in Lecture Courses
Alan C. West, Jordan L. Spencer and Mark Willey – Columbia University, New York


Information Technology Education in Chemical Engineering (from AIChE 2004 Annual Meeting, New Orleans)

Perspectives and Future Trends on Instructional Technology in a Research University
Jim Davis and Ruth Sabean – Office of Information Technology, University of California at Los Angeles

Chemical Engineering Education and the role of Cyberinfrastructure
Thomas F. Edgar – University of Texas at Austin




July 11 – 16, 2004 – The Friend Center, Princeton University, New Jersey

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