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Summer 2014 Newsletter


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John Hedengren Selected for AIChE Himmelblau Award

ASEE CACHE Award Winner: Jim Henry, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

Teaching Statistics in Selected Chemical Engineering Departments
Richard Braatz, MIT

PolyMath Now Available for Smart Phones
Michael Cutlip, University of Connecticut

AIChE/CACHE Mobile Device App Competition Announcement
Robert Hesketh, Rowan University

Exploring Chemical Engineering Principles through Interactive Simulations
Housam Binous, King Fahd University; Brian Higgins, UC Davis; Ahmed Bellagi, University of Monastir

A Review: The Pendulum and VBA™
Edward Rosen, EMR Technology Group, Chesterfield, Missouri

Energy-Related CACHE Process Design Case Studies
Ignacio Grossmann, CMU

Mario Eden, Auburn University

FOMMS 2015
Randy Snurr, Northwestern University

FOSBE 2015
Robert Parker, University of Pittsburgh

CACHE Elects New Officers to Executive Committee
Joe Golab, Past CACHE President


Selected Presentations from the 2014 ASEE Annual Meeting

Development of Interactive Virtual Laboratories to Help Students Learn Difficult Concepts in Thermodynamics
Alec Bowen, Daniel Reid, Milo Koretsky; Oregon State University

Simulation-Based Guided Explorations in Process Dynamics and Control
Mary Staehle, Rowan University; Babtunde Ogunnaike, University of Delaware

Improving Student Interaction with Screencasts and Simulations
J. Will Medlin, John Falconer, Garrett Nicodemus, Kathrine McDanel, Jeff Knutson; University of Colorado

Educational Modules on Solar Energy
Jason Keith, Liz Rayfield, Niraj Palsule; Mississippi State University

Incorporating the Online Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment into Your Course Activities
Susan Montgomery, University of Michigan

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