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Summer 2017 Newsletter


Himmelblau Award Won by Jason Bara

Larry Biegler Receives ASEE Chemical Engineering Education Award Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours
Tom Adams

George Stephanopoulos Honored at 2017 MIT Symposium ChE Teaching Tips: Where to Start When Teaching a New Course or Updating an Older Course?
John Falconer

PolyMath Update
Robert Hesketh and Michael Cutlip

PSE 2018 Conference Information
Mario Eden

FOSBE 2018 Details
Juergen Hahn

FOMMS 2018 Information
Jeff Errington

Call for Proposals PSE 2021
Rex Reklaitis

NSF Sustainable Manufacturing Modules
Mahmoud El-Halwagi and Debalina Sengupta

CAST Webinar: Inverted Classroom with MATLAB in Process Control and Modeling
Zuyi (Jacky) Huang

Release of 2nd Ed.Textbook, Sustainable Design Through Process Integration
Mahmoud El-Halwagi


Selected 2017 ASEE Annual Conference Presentations

New Paradigms for Process Optimization Modeling and Solution Strategies
Larry Biegler - Carnegie Mellon U.

Development and Usage of an Online Homework System in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
Kyle Branch and Anthony Butterfield - U. of Utah

Integration of Industrially Relevant Examples in a ChE Course
John Clay – Ohio State U.

Leading an Effective Unit Operations Laboratory
John Clay – Ohio State U.

Integrating Problem-based & Project-based Learning in Large Enrollment Freshman Engineering Courses
Bill Elmore – Mississippi State U.

Chemical Engineering Student Perception of Communication Development from Participation in Game-Based Activities
Abigail Kulhanek – U. of Pittsburgh and Cheryl Bodnar – Rowan U.

Reading and Animation Usage Analytics for an Interactive Material and Energy Balances Textbook
Matthew Liberatore - U. of Toledo

Flipping the Chemical Engineering Process Control Class with e‐Lessons
Thomas Marlin – McMaster U.

Evaluating the Impact of Online Delivery of a Process Dynamics and Control Course
Mary Staehle – Rowan U.

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