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Summer 2018 Newsletter


The CACHE Corporation

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CACHE Task Forces and Committees

Industrial Supporters of CACHE

Chemical Engineering Departments Supporting CACHE

What Is CACHE?
Michael Henson



Martha Grover Wins Himmelblau Award

CACHE Officers Elected

LAPSE: The Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering
Tom Adams

Nobel Prize in ChE
Richard Braatz

The Application and Assessment of Dynamic Op. Simulation in ChE
Eimear O’Shea

ChE Teaching Tips: Where to Start?
First published in CEE. Reprinted here with permission.
John Falconer

Jeff Siirola and Matthew Realff

FOSBE 2018 Summary and 2019 Details
Juergen Hahn

FOPAM 2019 Info
Richard Braatz

FOMMS 2018 Summary
Jeff Errington

PSE 2018 Summary
Mario Eden and Rex Reklaitis

ABET Software Development
David Kofke

Molecular Simulation Modules
David Kofke


Selected 2018 Annual Conference Presentations

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