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Selected AIChE Annual Meeting Presentations

Reinforcing Computational Thinking Throughout Chemical Engineering Curriculum with MATLAB and Simulink
A. Hacioglu and S. Rao, MathWorks

The Python Pivot – Teaching Chemical Engineering Computing in the Wake of COVID-19
J. P. Abulencia, Manhattan College

An Educational Bioprocess Simulator (BioVL):  Introduction of Disturbances
S. de las Heras, C. Gargalo, I. Udugama, K. Gernaey, and U. Kruhne, Technical U. of Denmark

Instructional Videos and Interactive Notebooks for Learning of Coding Concepts in Chemical Engineering Analysis
M. Wilhelm, C. Wang, and M. Stuber, UConn

It’s All By Design:  Incorporating Design Early in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
J. Opatkiewicz, UC San Diego

ABET Accreditation – Recent Updates and Insights
R. Lewis, Brigham Young U.

Persistence and Practice of Spreadsheet Skills Using an Interactive Textbook
L. Gorbett, K. Chapman, and M. Liberatore, U. of Toledo

Machine Learning for Fluid Property Correlations
L. Joss and E. Muller, Imperial College London

Experience with Symbolic Algebra and Smart Computing in Reaction Engineering Courses
S. Parulekar, Illinois Institute of Technology

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