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Teaching Data Science to Students and Teachers (2021 AIChE Annual Meeting)

Chair: Martha Grover, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA; Co-Chair: Phillip Westmoreland, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Paper # Authors Title
449a R. D. Braatz, W. Sun, B. W. Anthony Teaching Process Data Analytics and Machine Learning
449c J. Wang, J. S. Gomes, C. Stanier Teaching Big Data Science to Undergraduate Students in the University of Iowa
449d H. Helmbrecht, E. Nance Textile: Tutorials in Experimentalist Interactive Learning
449e V. Venkatasubramanian Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Chemical Engineers: Experiences from a 35-Year-Old Course
506a D. A. C. Beck, S. Valleau, C. Wolf, C. D. Curtis, J. Pfaendtner Open Source Data Science Education Materials for Chemical Engineers
506b A. Medford Insights from Teaching "Data Analytics for Chemical Engineers"
506c B. Goldsmith Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid When Teaching Machine Learning with Python to Chemical Engineering Students at the Undergraduate and Graduate Level
506d H. Lou, Y. Chen, and R. Singh Problem-Based Learning on Incorporation of Data Analysis Skills into a Senior Course
506e W. Xie, R. A. Davis Chemical Engineering Analysis through Systematic Optimization
506f B. Savoie Teaching Domain Experts Data Science: A Progress Report from a Purdue Initiative
549a J. Hahn, X. Wang, U. Kruger Data Dexterity at Rensselaer
549b A. Hacioglu, S. Rao Integrating Data Science to Chemical Engineering Curriculum Using Matlab
549c A. Scott, N. Filipovic, A. Penlidis Linking Measurements and Statistical Methodology through the Characterization of Polymeric Materials: Hierarchical Analysis of Gel Permeation Chromatography Data
549d K. Suthar, T. Mitchell, A. Hartwig, J. Wang, Q. P. He Interactive Modules for Teaching Hands-on Data Science in Engineering
549e S. Lee, G. Psarellis, I. G. Kevrekidis Learning Coarse-Scale ODEs/PDEs from Microscopic Data: What and How Can We Learn It from Data?
549f N. English From Molecular- to Plant-Scale Computational-Engineering Design: Applied Training Spanning Scales

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